The Storm Within


Sometimes I feel the need to hold your hand, because I fear drifting away…

Far more exists in this universe beyond the shallow three dimensional world we perceive. Have you ever tasted the galaxies on someone’s lips? Saw a glow brighter than the sun in their eyes? Surely, it goes beyond physical connection.

When every kiss you’ve shared is a poem untold; poetry that is lived. What forms that connection is far greater than our understanding of it. Underneath those layers of skin and bones resides a soul that flows into you like a glass of champagne. Energy that you feel could be harnessed by the gods to create a Utopian world where the one you crave doesn’t let you fade. Where the angels chant your favorite song, and the two of you watch sunrises and sunsets until the sun ceases to exist. Caress me like the waves caress the warm sand at the rose petal shore. Let us dissolve in the oneness of the universe…

Nobody wants to see the scars on your skin. Nobody wants to hear the storm that’s within. Shush, don’t expose your vulnerabilities. No one wants to play with a broken toy. They can’t know. Cry your eyes out if you must, but let your tears be like those of dying mermaids; silenced by the soothing waves of the sea. Bleed your heart out if you must, but not when the sharks are swimming near. They can’t know; you can’t show. Hide your tears and bury your fears. They can’t know…
There are spider webs in my rib-cage, weaved with despair in a desperate attempt of catching droplets of color. I’m starving but all I can find is a pile of dust and leftovers of ashes from an ancient empire. Oh the days of glory… when you and I ruled side by side. Now all that’s left are ruins. It reeks of  corpses. I take a closer look, and I recognize the decomposing bodies. I am shaken to find that each deformed lifeless figure is a part of me that died with every goodbye that you said. And the shattered shell that I am now is the side effect of a goodbye never said, but acted out.
I will rise again, if not today then soon. Please, come back and take my hand. Lift me up. Don’t let me get whirled in the storm within for all eternity.

shine on~


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